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Comparing Lists: Top Five Worst Chiefs Moments Since 1987

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Pro Football Talk is running a series looking at each teams' worst moments and on Thursday it was the Kansas City Chiefs turn. We already came out with our list of the worst Chiefs moments in the last two-plus decades so compare ours to Mike Florio's list:

4. 1993 AFC Championship game

3. 2003 AFC divisional playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts 

2. 1995 AFC divisional playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts

1. Death of Derrick Thomas

And then Florio started to pile on.

Monday Night Meltdown in 1998. Last year's loss to the Baltimore Ravens. 1994 playoff loss to the Miami Dolphins. 1998 playoff loss to the Denver Broncos. The Larry Johnson era. The Jared Allen trade.

It's hard to be a Chiefs fan -- but we already knew that.

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