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Chiefs QB Coach Jim Zorn Wants To Bring Out Matt Cassel's 'Natural Talents'

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Josh Looney of posted an interview with Kansas City Chiefs QB coach Jim Zorn and, if I'm not mistaken, I believe this is the first time we've heard publicly from Zorn since he was hired onto the Chiefs five months ago. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong on that.)

There wasn't much new ground broken in the interview but it was good to hear straight from Zorn on some of his coaching philosophies.

"One," Zorn said about his coaching style, "I'm enthusiastic about coaching quarterbacks. I think i'm a hands on type of coach. I notice details."

Zorn and Chiefs QB Matt Cassel worked together back in April when the lockout was briefly lifted so Zorn will not only have to notice those details to work on, but do it very quickly.

"I think my approach to the game is I played -- and this has been coached into me as well -- and it's to try to bring out the natural talents," Zorn told Looney. "Matt has natural talents. I don't want to restrict those, I want to bring those out. The game is played in a disciplined fashion and to bring some discipline to his play and coupling that with some of his natural talents I hope to enhance his game."

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