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NFL Lockout: Are We Getting Closer Today?

So the NFL lockout continues for now but we're hoping -- really, really hoping -- that this is the final day of the work stoppage. Or at least we're hoping that the two sides vote to approve the settlement agreement of the Brady vs. NFL lawsuit which gets us one step closer to actual football.

The way the whole thing works is that the NFLPA executive committee will vote to recommend the settlement agreement which then passes it onto the player reps (like Kansas City Chiefs OL Rudy Niswanger). The player reps then vote to pass it on moving the proposed settlement along to the named plaintiffs.

Once the named plaintiffs give it the OK, then the owners can vote on the settlement, which we hope happens today.

But one thing to keep in mind is that's just the settlement. The CBA is technically a separate issue so we could have start resolving the antitrust lawsuit today but not the CBA. ESPN previously reported that the two sides wanted to reach a "global settlement" that would wrap all this stuff up into one but that may not happen. We'll see.

So after the settlement is approved by both sides, they'll hammer out whatever final details remain in the CBA -- who knows, maybe that's already been done this morning -- and then agree to that.

At that point, we'll be seeing some football.

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