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Top Five Worst Chiefs Moments Since 1987

Pro Football Talk is running a series where they take a look at each team's "worst moments" since 1987, the year of the last work stoppage in the NFL.

Up today are the Chiefs and do we have some memories for you, Mike Florio. Here are my top five worst moments as a Chiefs fan dating back to 1987. Leave yours in the comments. PFT Live will count 'em down at 11:00 a.m. (Arrowhead time).

1. The day DT died.

2. The Kicker Who Shall Not Be Named.

3. The 1993-94 AFC Championship game against the Buffalo Bills. That was our best chance of reaching the Super Bowl since January 11, 1970. It was a veteran team and Carl Peterson had gone for it by signing QB Joe Montana and RB Marcus Allen in the same season. Old Man Thorman promised Chris and I that he'd take us out of school for the Super Bowl parade downtown if they won this game. Damn, this one somehow still hurts.

4. 97-98 divisional playoff loss to the Denver Broncos. Ugh. I remember watching this when I was in eighth grade. We had a science fair project due the next day and my partner was a lot more into science than football so I brided him to do all the work that night so I could watch the game. This was a painful loss given who the opponent was and that it was yet another great team that went down early.

5. The Monday Night Meltdown in 1998. The implosion on Monday Night Football as the Broncos whipped up on the Chiefs, 30-7. I believe KC had five personal fouls -- three of them by DT -- on the final drive alone. Total implosion because it was all self-inflicted but an explosion as well because it marked the end of an era as Marty was soon gone and we enter those dark years of 1999 and 2000 no one seems to remember.

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