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Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Tells His Story To High School QBs

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ESPN has been conducting their Elite 11 camp in Malibu, Calif. this week which invites a group of the best high school football players to receive advice and coaching from college and NFL quarterbacks, among others. 

One of the NFL guys at the camp was Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel. According to a story on, Cassel told his story that Chiefs fans know well enough by now -- going from college backup to NFL starter.

Check out the full story on but I found this nugget interesting:

Cassel recalled for the quarterbacks in Malibu a story of how Brady used to yell at him, encouraging Cassel to show emotion around his teammates and to carry himself differently than his teammates.

You can see some traces of that advice in Cassel's play and celebration after a big play. 

Also, I'm wondering how many times Cassel has told his story. A gazillion?

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