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Figuring Out The Latest NFL Lockout Reports

So here's how it went down today with the latest NFL lockout news ...

Late Wednesday morning ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the players were expected to vote on their settlementwith the owners on Wednesday which would (hopefully) put the ball in motion to end the NFL lockout. 

By Wednesday afternoon, the (other) AP and NFL Network were both reporting that, actually, a vote will NOT be going down on Wednesday

As the AP and NFLN were tweeting about a vote not going down, Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated was reporting that the players did vote on Wednesday but it was a "conditional" approval of the settlement. Basically, he reports that the players said the deal looks good but there are a few issues they still need to work out.

While it's disappointing not to have some clarity, the timetable hasn't really changed. It's possible that the players could remove the "conditional" part of their approval after hammering out details with the league's lawyers and send the vote to the owners at their meeting in Atlanta on Thursday.

So who knows what's really going on but I'm still holding out hope that Thursday is a good way to be a football fan.

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