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Chiefs Owner, GM And President Head To Atlanta

Representatives for all 32 NFL teams are making the trek to Atlanta for Thursday's owners meetings and we're hoping that the meeting will consist of a vote to approve the settlement with the players ending the NFL lockout but we'll have to wait and see how the players vote goes today.

All teams are bringing an owner and at least a couple of executives and representing the Chiefs will be owner Clark Hunt, GM Scott Pioli and team president Mark Donovan.

Hunt is involved with more labor stuff today so he's already in Atlanta. Pioli and Donovan are expected to arrive at some point later today (if they're not there already).

So if all goes well with the players voting on the new labor deal today, then the next positive step we're looking for is to see the owners do the same tomorrow. If both parties approve, we'll see a big, happy press conference with lots of hugs and kisses.

After that, the team executives (like Pioli) will enter a labor seminar with the league explaining all the nuts and bolts of the new collective bargaining agreement.

But...that's assuming all goes well and, well, past experience with the lockout has told us that's no sure thing.

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