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NFL Lockout: Players Plan To Vote On New Deal Today

Smell that? 

Smells like some football may be coming soon.

The NFL lockout continues for now but the players will kick-start the process of ending the lockout by voting on the settlement sometime on Wednesday. That was expected but ESPN's Adam Schefter confirms that vote will indeed happen today. The players will need a majority vote to approve it and it should be a no-brainer to do so at this point.

Meeting in Washington D.C. today are all the NFLPA player reps, which could include Chiefs' player rep Rudy Niswanger. If he's not there in person, he'll likely be participating via conference call. Schefter's report also says the alternate player reps are being briefed on the proposed deal and for the Chiefs that is LB Andy Studebaker and S Jon McGraw.

If the players vote today, and if they approve the settlement, then we turn our focus to the owners. Clark Hunt and the rest of the league's owners are expected to vote on the settlement on Thursday.

If the owners approve it then....holy crap, we could have football.

I'm getting pretty excited here. There aren't any more major roadblocks so it would appear that we're on track to see some football in late July or early August.

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