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Chiefs Training Camp Schedule Could See Changes

The obvious answer to the headline is: Of course it'll be different. It's a different year coming off the NFL lockout which is something none of us have ever been through before. So, yes, it'll be different.

But the day-to-day schedule could be a little different assuming the NFL lockout is solved this week.

If you remember, the Chiefs were in pads almost every day and conducted two-a-days every other day. It was a pretty intense schedule but it was also one of those things that most players realized was good for them -- after it was over.

Those two-a-days in pads may not be happening this year. According to early leaks of the next collective bargaining agreement, two-a-days may be out. Indeed, there have been reports that say the players have pushed aggressively for changes to the offseason program and training camp, which includes essentially eliminating two-a-day practices.

Nothing is official until the CBA is signed, sealed and delivered but it sounds like the players want to eliminate some of the two-a-days and padded practices. This falls under the player safety issues both sides have talked about.

So instead of a two-a-day every other day, the Chiefs could be doing a morning practice in pads and an afternoon walk-through. Considering the brutal heat around St. Joe in August, this may not be such a bad thing for those watching, or the players.

The elimination of two-a-days....Agree? Disagree?

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