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Chiefs Will Need To 'Spend Very Big' To Reach Salary Cap Minimum

Now that the NFL is close to re-opening its doors it's time to start focusing on training camp, free agency and how much money the Kansas City Chiefs have to spare. The Chiefs were reportedly on the low end of the salary cap and will need to hit 90 percent of the salary cap minimum by the end of the year, assuming the leaked numbers on the new salary cap are accurate.

An ESPN report pegged the Chiefs cap space at approximately $34 million (not counting the restricted free agent tenders they've handed out) and NFL Network's Jason La Canfora says the Chiefs, along with the Arizona Cardinals, Cincinnati Bengals and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, will need to spend "very big" to hit the minimum.

You can tell money isn't as big of a deal in the NFL as other sports considering both the Chiefs and Bucs -- two of the four teams with the lowest reported salary cap numbers -- won 10 games last year. Even the Cardinals are considered a quarterback away from competing.

We've already explained the Chiefs can spend the necessary money in a number of ways. They'll sign their rookies and undrafted free agents, which will knock out some of the money. They'll also pick up some guys in free agency and likely extend a player or more during the season.

GM Scott Pioli has the Chiefs in a very healthy position with the salary cap so they will have a lot of options throughout the season.

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