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On-Time Start Still Possible For Kansas City Chiefs 2011 Training Camp

We don't have any details on the Kansas City Chiefs 2011 training camp schedule yet but, if the rules are the same as last year, the Chiefs could be headed to camp a week from Thursday on July 28.

If the owners and players can come to an agreement on a new labor deal by Thursday, which some think could happen, then it's looking like an on-time training camp start is possible.

The paper in St. Joe, News-Press, has been writing daily stories on the status of training camp at Missouri Western State University. The latest is a short statement from a Chiefs spokesperson on the camp schedule (which isn't much different from our camp post yesterday).

"We remain hopeful that we will open training camp on time in St. Joseph and continue to work with our partners there to plan for all scenarios."

And those scenarios would probably be....

  • On-time start to training camp
  • Delayed start to camp
  • Canceling camp altogether

The Chiefs have told MWSU to be ready for a camp start date as early as next Thursday so that start-date is still on the table. MWSU officials also confirmed to the News-Press that the Chiefs have to be out by Aug. 18 because of the worst time of year for kids the start of school.

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