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Waiting On Good NFL Lockout News

This whole NFL lockout thing started way back in March although it seems like it's been going on longer than that. On March 11, the players decided that decertifying as a union gave them the best leverage in the labor negotiations and the owners thought locking the players out gave them the best leverage.

Here's a summary of what's been going on since then:

Blah, blah, um, blah and more blah.

All that matters now is that football is getting closer and, despite some of my anger towards the owners and players over the last four months, I'm ready to put it all behind us and focus on what matters -- the Kansas City Chiefs 2011-12 season.

That said, there are still some things to be worked out in order to end this lockout.

Right now lawyers are working on a draft of the next labor agreement and we hope Rudy Niswanger and the other 31 player reps will recommend approval of that settlement tomorrow when they arrive in Washington D.C. Then on Thursday we hope the owners -- or at least 24 of them -- will vote to approve the settlement when they meet in Atlanta.

If that happens, then it's possible we're talking about free agency this weekend. (!!!!!)

Yup, I've already told Ms. Primetime not to expect me to attend whatever she's scheduled for us this weekend because I'm going to be "working" all weekend. I've never wanted to "work" so bad on a weekend in my life. 

Let's do this thing, owners and players. Make it happen. 

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