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Will The Chiefs Be Back In Kansas City This Weekend?

It definitely sounds like the NFL lockout is ending this week, maybe as soon as Thursday. That's the day the owners will meet in Atlanta and hopefully ratify a new labor agreement and putting into motion a busy week of free agency before training camps start.

So if the lockout ends on Thursday, will the Chiefs be back home on Friday or Saturday?

It's very possible.

We know of a couple of teams that are instructing their players to return to the team facility on Friday in anticipation of a new labor agreement being ratified on Thursday.

Jeremy Shockey told a website that the Panthers were being told to go back to Charlotte on Friday for a short camp. And, as you could guess, the Panthers aren't the only team whose players are being told the lockout is ending. According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, players for the Green Bay Packers are being told to come back on Saturday.

(Wait, I thought teams weren't allowed to contact players during the lockout? You telling me they're breaking the rules? I'm shocked.)

So it definitely looks like A.) the labor deal will be done by Thursday or so and B.) players will return back to the team facility shortly thereafter.

It's getting closer and closer, folks.

It's Game Time.

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