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Chiefs Should Have Short Window After Lockout To Re-Sign Free Agents

C Casey Wiegmann announced through his agent that he plans on returning to the NFL in 2011 provided a contract with the Kansas City Chiefs can be worked out. This is something we've been talking about throughout the offseason so most of you know the details involved with this.

When the NFL lockout ends, and teams can start signing players, it sounds like GM Scott Pioli and the rest of the NFL's decision makers will have a three-day exclusive negotiating window in which to sign their own free agents.

Basically, whenever the lockout ends, there will be three days when teams can re-sign their own players. This will be a short window before full blown free agency starts.

Things can change (and they usually do) but if the lockout is voted and agreed upon by Thursday, then teams could possibly start re-signing their own players that Friday and through the weekend before the next step of free agency is opened.

For someone like Wiegmann, it makes sense to sign a deal in that three-day window. It doesn't sound like he plans on playing for any other team other than the Chiefs so there's no leverage to be gained by waiting for full free agency.

It's Game Time.

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