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Poll: Should The Chiefs Take Casey Wiegmann Back?

By now most Kansas City Chiefs fans have heard that C Casey Wiegmann, who is scheduled to be a free agent in 2011, says he wants to return to football next season. There had been some rumblings that Wiegmann was considering retirement but that's apparently not the case anymore.

We've talked several times this offseason about Wiegmann's future and what the Chiefs should do if he decides to return. If you've read those stories, then you know my position -- I think the Chiefs should make every effort to re-sign him. (Yes, I have a problem with letting go.)

But will the Chiefs actually take him back?

That's what we'll find out sometime in the next couple of weeks when free agency starts.

For now, though, we put it up to a vote. Should the Chiefs bring Wiegmann back?

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