Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp 101: Parking, Scrimmages And More

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You want to go to the 2011 Kansas City Chiefs training camp?

Here are a few things to expect and a few pointers to help you get the most out of the experience.

Parking -If you don't mind walking a little distance you will be able to get free parking but expect a big traffic mess especially on a weekend. You can park closer at a small fee (last season the fee was $10.00).

Seating -The training camp offers bleachers on both sides of the field but expect them to be hot and sometimes crowded.  I rarely sat in the bleachers. You can also sit on a hill that is at one endzone or stand in areas that have no bleachers.

Chiefs Training Camp Map

This is the map from Kansas City Chiefs training camp 2010 (Click the image for a larger view).

The parking by the indoor facility is the paid parking and the VIP hill is the hill you can sit on and watch practice.

If you look at the kid autograph zone, that is also a place you can go wait after practice to snag some of your own. Children get to go away from the crowd at the corner to get autographs.

 I would advise anybody to go on a day that you can see at least a morning and afternoon practice. Remember to take plenty of sunblock and stay hydrated.

 Kids - If you have kids and want to brave the heat, training camp does offer a few things to keep them busy. As I have stated, the kids will get a special chance for autographs but they also offer a kids zone. This zone offers a bouncy toy, an obstacle course and a few other skilled games.

Training Camp Gear - If you want some Chiefs gear you can head over to the Chiefs store they have put into a tent. The items are a little pricey but they have a pretty big selection. They also will sale you markers and other items to be signed by the players. I would stress to bring your own items and markers because the prices are a little ridiculous.

Scrimmages -The scrimmages are held at the Spratt Memorial Stadium Complex. I would go to a night scrimmage if possible but Family Fun Day is also a great even to attend. Last year they had the entire team signing autographs before the game started and you could stand right behind the benches and listen to everything on the field. These days seem to be a lot more hectic as far as seating.

Those are the basics of Kansas City Chiefs training camp 2011.

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