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Sunday Night Open Thread

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I figured I would post this since it seems like Chris and Joel are slacking.  I know, I know they have to take a break sometime.  I have been relaxing all day since I slept on my neck wrong and I'm in killer pain.  I also have the stress knowing I have to pay over a grand on my car in the next couple of days.  Don't you just hate when it seems like you are having the worst week?

It's all ok though because I have a feeling the lockout is going to end real soon.  When that happens I'll have a million fantasy football drafts.  Anyone else addicted to fantasy football?  I also have the pleasure of knowing that I'll be getting my copy of Madden next month.  I was thinking about getting NCAA 2012 because the Road to Glory Mode just looks awesome.  Anyone have that game yet?

It would be cool if you guys gave me feedback.  It is also nice to see all the random gifs that I just know are going to pop up.

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