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Friday Night Open Thread

Cross your fingers that by next week's Friday Open Thread, we have scheduled football to talk about. Even the small prospect of this NFL Lockout being over has me giddy today.

As usual, give us your victory of the week, whether that victory is personal, professional or both. My victory of the week was getting to see baby brother in Washington, DC, this week. It was only for a day essentially but it was really great to see him. 

I don't really have any weekend plans except that I got talked into going to see the last Harry Potter movie somehow. I've seen a couple of them and they're pretty good but I haven't read any of the books and don't know any of the characters beyond the main three. This really pisses off Mrs. Arrowhead Pride. Apparently, she expects me to have learned everything about Harry Potter through osmosis. She also hates it when I'm sitting there watching one of the Harry Potter movies, the main characters run into trouble, and I'm just like, "Why don't they cast a ****ing spell already? Come on!" Also, she dislikes my very valid point that one person with a gun could run that whole fantasy land. 

Anyway...What's your victory of the week? What do you have going on this weekend?

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