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Arrowhead Pride Weekly

How is everyone doing on this great Friday?  I was hoping that my biggest story to recap would be that the lockout was over.  The way things are looking it will hopefully be next week.  I'm honestly so tired of reading about stuff that shouldn't even make NFL headlines.  I'm pretty sure that most of you feel the same way.

There was quite a bit of Chiefs news this week though along with some approval polls.  If you were busy this last week then follow along.  We can talk about Vrabel, Chambers, Haley, chiefs fans, and more.  There were also some great posts by you guys as always.  I picked a couple to recap.  Please jump along!

Five Biggest Stories

1. It’s Official: Mike Vrabel Announces Retirement

I was actually expecting Mike to stick around for another year.  I am happy for him that he is moving on to the next point in his career.  He showed us leadership that was just priceless for our young team.  I will miss that plus the TD catches that he makes.

2. Looking At The Chiefs Training Camp Deadline

I hope there won't be any problems this year with training camp.  I really liked the spot in St. Joseph and it is closer to the majority of the fan base.  The only thing that was really bad was the no shading in the stands.  After last year in the extreme heat I'll go to a night practice or on a cooler day this time around.  It was a great experience and overtime I'm sure it will only get better.

3. Chiefs’ Chris Chambers Ranked Among Least Valuable NFL Players

This is something that I actually did expect.  Chambers didn't do much last year and will probably be cut this year.  We now have Baldwin whom I really like to take a chance on.  McCluster also is a great option if his injury is completely healed.  Chambers helped out a lot his first year here but not I think it is time to part ways.

4. Study Reveals What We Already Know: It’s Tough To Be A Chiefs Fan

It is pretty tough to be a Chiefs fan if we are talking about winning important games.  However, it is pretty easy to love a franchise with great history, fans, and players.  I love it when our team has a good year like last because I can actually gloat.  I have a few Raiders fans within the family that always seem to have something to say.  This year it was, "We beat you guys twice."  I responded with, "Yeah, I was too busy planning a playoff party to remember."  We have to stick it out like always guys and good things will come.

5. Kansas City Chiefs July 2011 Approval Poll: Todd Haley

I could have picked any approval poll here but Haley has been one of my favorite coaches in a very long time.  He is changing the culture along with Pioli.  I love it that you just never know what to expect from him.  I also like his sayings that we get to hear sometimes like the I tell my wife I take out the trash.  He also has a heart and that is apparent by some of the things he's done around our organization.  Unless Haley messes up drastically he will always get an approval by me.

In Case You Missed It...

1. The Chiefs Main Hopes Are Already In-House

This is a great post by our very own Matt Conner.  I agree that we are becoming a very smart and great franchise after the last couple of years.  It seems like are team is being built for long term success and that is what we want--a dynasty.

2. Kansas City Chiefs 2011 ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ –Third Quarter

Yes!  I love this game and I think I'm sitting at 6-6 for the season but I'll have to go back and look.  I actually did pretty good this quarter.  I need to win all games this last quarter to make a push for the playoffs.  Do you think that I can do that?

Fanpost Of The Week

Will Chiefs Records Be Broken? By WezKC

I love this post because it really gets you to think about our lovely past.  I honestly think that Charles is going to break most of our running back records.  I'm not sure if Dwayne Bowe will beat all of Tony G's records but he should get close if he stays on the team.  What do you guys think?

Fanshot Of The Week

Brandon Flowers Career Highlights by bfett81

This is an awesome video over Flowers' three years here in KC!  If you haven't watched it yet then you either been too busy or didn't see it.  Click on the link now and watch!

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