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NFL Lockout Talks Now On The Fast Track

Well, it appears we've had a serious breakthrough in the labor negotiations. NFL owners, including Kansas City Chiefs' Clark Hunt, met with players on Thursday and, according to multiple reports, made significant progress in the talks to end the NFL lockout.

The rookie wage scale issue was one of the last major hurdles to jump through and they've apparently come to an agreement on that. There are other minor issues remaining but it appears, as ESPN's Sal Paolantonio said, there was a "stunning" amount of momentum made on Thursday and the two sides could come to an agreement in 24-48 hours.

First, we've heard this before -- the 24-48 hours thing. So keep that in mind.

Second, an agreement in the next couple of days could allow free agency to happen before training camp and also allow the preseason to go on as scheduled. That would be a best-case scenario right now.

Third, hell to the yeah! This is what we've been waiting for. It's time for the two sides to knock this lockout out of the park and settle on an agreement.

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