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Looking At Kansas City Chiefs Needs Heading Into 2011 Season

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Earlier this week Pat Kirwan of took a look at the needs of the four teams in the AFC West, including the Kansas City Chiefs. As usual, I agree with a little bit of what Kirwan said and disagree with a little bit, too.

Here are Kirwan's needs for the Chiefs and my thoughts following them.

Find a nose tackle: I think the Chiefs have their nose tackle. In fact, I think they've had him since the 2006 season. Yeah, I'm talking about NT Ron Edwards. At 32 years old (Happy belated birthday, by the way, Big Ron), Edwards isn't the future but he's fine for 2011. The Chiefs likely hope that rookie NT Jerrell Powe moves into that spot at some point but with the lockout and all I don't see that happening in 2011. Kirwan suggests signing someone like 49ers NT Aubrayo Franklin, which I agree would be nice, but I think that's unnecessary right now given the amount of money he would attract plus what the Chiefs have coming through the pipeline (Powe). 

Sign a right tackle. The Chiefs may have their starting right tackle on the roster -- OT Barry Richardson -- when the 2011 season opens but they do need someone else considering there's like two other tackles on the team. Ideally, that someone else is a veteran who is capable of challenging for the starting job and not a developmental, Bobby Greenwood-type of tackle. This is a position I wouldn't mind pumping some money into if it means fixing it for multiple years. Doesn't it seem like right tackle has been a problem since John Tait left?

Go slow on Waters and get Wiegmann re-signed: Keep both of these guys. The "rumors" about G Brian Waters being done is just some speculation from a Pro Football Weekly report. Waters is in for 2011, if you ask me. After that, G Jon Asamoah can scoot on in for a relatively seamless transition. As for C Casey Wiegmann, his role in 2011 becomes a little more critical because of the lockout. The Chiefs coaching staff doesn't have a great idea of what they have in rookie C Rodney Hudson yet because there haven't had any offseason workouts so I think in the best case scenario Wiegmann doesn't retire and remains in KC.

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