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Luke Fickell On Recruiting Mike Vrabel To Ohio State (Twice)

So it turns out current Ohio State head football coach Luke Fickell recruited Mike Vrabel twice. The first time when Fickell was convincing him to come to Ohio State as a player and the second time, which wasn't much of a recruiting process, was convincing him to come back to coach.

Fickell talked about the Vrabel addition with KC-based 3 Guys In A Garage, which will air tomorrow night on 810 WHB.

In the first recruiting process, Fickell tells the Garage, "Ever since the day I recruited Mike -- I was a year ahead of him -- he always told me he was going to be a coach. He was the son of a coach and he even said a few years ago in the NFL when they talked to him that when he was done he was going to go back to Ohio State to coach."

And 18 years later....

"It wasn't a super hard sell," Fickell said of adding Vrabel to the Ohio State staff this week, "but it's almost like the two of us know each other so well that we were on the same wave length. Probably about a day later when we saw each other, before we ever said anything, he looked at me and I looked at him, and I knew we had a good opportunity."

Check it out tomorrow on 3 Guys In A Garage. 

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