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NFL Lockout Hysteria

Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Donald Washington and I feel pretty much the same way about the NFL lockout. A little nervous and also tired of the daily reports that "July XX is the new target date to get a deal done."

Washington talked about his thoughts on the lockout on the JRich Report (via Arrowheadlines):

My gut, I'm still kind of nervous about it. I feel like they've been saying "This is a big week. This is a big week. This is a big week" for the last three or four weeks. Until something actually gets done I don't think we can get too comfortable or put all our eggs in saying this things about to get done any day now. I feel like every week they've been saying, "this is a big week," and here we are 120 days into the lockout.

This is exactly what I talked about on yesterday. First, the target date was the end of June. Then it was the first week of July, and then the second week. Then things got more specific with a target date of July 15, and then July 21 and the latest is July 17.

In short: no one knows and anyone who pretends they do is taking a giant leap.

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