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Study Reveals What We Already Know: It's Tough To Be A Chiefs Fan

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A new study has revealed what we've known for some time:

It's tough to be a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs.

A Business Journal study looked at a team's record over the last 10 years and other things like years since a playoff victory and Super Bowl wins to come up with a list of the most difficult teams to root for. The Detroit Lions were at the top and the Chiefs came in fifth behind the Lions, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills.

Well...duh. Of course it's hard to root for the Chiefs. We know that.

No playoff wins since January 1994 -- that's over 17 freakin' years for the numerically challenged. There have been four head coaches since the Chiefs last playoff victory. I wasn't alive the last time they won the Super Bowl and Old Man Thorman was just a teenager.

Of course, all of this will make it that much sweeter when I type the words "Your Super Bowl Chiefs!"

One'll come one day.

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