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With Mike Vrabel Retired, Focus Turns To Casey Wiegmann

Entering this lockout-filled offseason, we had retirement questions with two Kansas City Chiefs players -- LB Mike Vrabel and C Casey Wiegmann. With Vrabel officially calling it quits and joining the Ohio State coaching staff, the focus now turns to Wiegmann.

Will he retire? Or will he play?

Publicly, he hasn't given an indication of which way he'll go.

"I'm training [and] getting ready in case anything happens," Wiegmann told Steven St. John on 810 WHB on June 17. "I can retire if I don't want to play, I can play if I want to play. I just want to leave my options open."

But this is the NFL we're talking about. What people say matters very little. What they do matters a whole lot more. And in the middle of June Wiegmann was on the field with the rest of the Chiefs players for an informal practice. That suggests to me that he's thinking long and hard about playing, if not already leaning toward playing.

That said, Vrabel waited until July to decide he's not playing anymore so it wouldn't be out of the question for Wiegmann to do the same.

So we'll do what any other good blogger would do to solve this problem -- put it to a vote.

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