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Friday Night Open Thread

This Friday AP readers, I'm going to lead off with my victory of the week.


Because I just arrived in South Florida for a legit, 10 day vacation. I'm in Fort Lauderdale now, waiting to head out on Sunday for a Caribbean cruise. I'll be gone a full week and it will be my first cruise so I'm incredibly excited. The only potential drawback is that there are going to be....35 in-laws on this cruise. Which really isn't much of a drawback because I love Mrs. Arrowhead Pride's family but you know...It's 35 members of the Boudreaux family being unleashed on the Caribbean. Will the Caribbean survive? At the very least, this part of the world is going to get a lot louder this week.....

So, in addition to giving us your victory of the week, what cruise advice can you guys give me? Specifically, can/how should I sneak alcohol on board? Tips are needed!

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