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Arrowhead Pride Weekly

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It is Friday and a hot one at that.  There is nothing better than wanting to sleep in yet having a 2 year old waking you up by saying, "Dada?"  I'm sure most of you are going to have a great 4th of July weekend.  I just hope all of you are safe but still having fun.

There was quite a bit of Chiefs news this week.  If you need to catch up for the weekend please follow along.  We remember a legend, talk rookies, talk linebackers,  Pope, and Baldwin.  There are also fanposts that you need to read if you missed.

Five Biggest Stories

1. Joe Delaney, 28 Years Later

There really is so much that I can say that has been said countless times.  Delaney will always be remembered by the Chiefs Nation.  He is a hero to all of us.  I wasn't around to see him play but his legacy will still live generation to generation.

2. Six Chiefs At NFLPA Rookie Symposium

It is great to see our young players doing stuff like this.  They need all the exposure they can get with the lock-out still happening.  I'm really wondering how far the rookies are going to be behind though.  I have a feeling there is going to be some real sloppy football for the first couple of weeks.

3. Leonard Pope Story Continues

Another great story about Pope.  His foundation will start to sponsor kids for swimming lessons.  This is great news especially since this week we are remembering Delaney and what happened to him.  I know of a few Chiefs' player's foundations but I wonder how many we haven't heard of?

4. Chiefs Linebackers At Top Of AFC West

I really do love articles like this that actually give our players credit.  I wasn't too surprised to see Hali sitting sweet at number one.  I was however a little surprised to see D. Johnson at number two.  I'm not saying he is bad it is just that last year was his first year that he started to live up to his potential.  I am also glad to see Belcher on the list.  He is a very underrated player on our team.

5. An Interview With Chiefs WR Jonathan Baldwin

If you can stand the audio and make it out then this is actually a good interview.  It is awesome to see stuff like this.  Baldwin and Bowe are going to be a force in this league.  I can't wait for some football!

In Case You Missed It...

1. Kansas City Chiefs 2011 "Choose Your Own Adventure" –Second Quarter

Wow!  This week was a lot harder and I didn't do so hot.  If you did the first quarter then why miss out on the second?  I really do hope we have more games like this in the future.  I also hope that I can do better than a 4-4.  I guess that is what I get for wearing Chiefs colors in Oakland.

2. Chiefs Rookie Prepares For Training Camp On His Own

I'm really excited for this year and to see our rookies play.  Hopefully, they pan out and they should with dedication like this.  I didn't know too much about Gabe Miller but he has great work ethic.  If you missed this then seriously click on the link.  You know that you want to.

Fanpost Of The Week

My day with the Chiefs (lots of pictures) by tomahawk44

This is one of the best fanposts that I've seen in a while.  There are a lot of pictures of some of our Chiefs helping out in Joplin.  Thanks tomahawk for posting!  We need to see more stuff like this!

Fanshot Of The Week

Tamba Hali –Back in Happy Valley posted by ArrowSpread

This is a great video on Tamba speaking that we probably never would have seen.  It is a great find by ArrowSpread.  You really don't get to see Tamba speaking that much because he is too busy feeding off of quarterbacks.  So this really is a treat.

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