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Why Is The First Week Of July Important For Chiefs?

We've got another interesting nugget from Tim Grunhard's appearance on 810 WHB with Soren Petro. The topic was the lockout and, well, I'll let Grunny take it away in his own words...

"I guess July, the 6th or 7th, is the big day," Grunhard said. "That's what everybody keeps saying. [Petro: Why is that a big day?] According to Bernie Parmalee, one of the coaches with the Chiefs, talking to him the other day, he said it's a big day. I don't know exactly what but I think that's what the clubs and the's some kind of deadline. I'm not sure exactly what it is. I think they're going to get something done here fairly soon. Supposedly that's the day and if it goes any farther than that then they have to re-evaluate and move some things back and different things."

So why is july 6th or 7th important? Is it related to the Chiefs? Is this a camp deadline? (Note: Chiefs say they don't have a deadline for training camp yet, or at least they're not telling us.)

We've heard of a couple of teams -- Baltimroe Ravens and New York Jets -- already announcing that they won't travel for training camp due to lockout uncertainty. We've also heard the Minnesota Vikings have July 18 as their camp deadline.

Hopefully this lockout is solved shortly and we don't have to worry about any of this.

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