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Grunhard: Thomas Jones Called Some Chiefs Out For Being 'Fat And Out Of Shape'

Former Chief Tim Grunhard's appearances on 810 WHB are usually some of the best radio of the week and Grunny didn't disappoint on Wednesday offering up several very interesting nuggets to Soren Petro on The Program. We'll be mining the audio of Grunny's half-hour appearance on Petro's show for some of the tidbits you may have missed but we'll start with his revelation that RB Thomas Jones called the team out after their workouts at Bishop Miege High School for being out of shape.

"You'll love it," Grunny told Petro. "Thomas Jones called the team out and said, 'Hey, listen. Some of you guys are fat and out of shape and you're embarrassing yourselves. Be a pro and get in shape because when that call comes you have to be ready to go.'

"I love it. Because he was looking at a couple guys, and he was pointing them out saying you're embarrassing yourself. That's the kind of leadership Thomas brings."

The questions we have: Which players were out of shape? How out of shape were they? How many out of shape players were there? Will those players be in shape when training camp comes? 

We'll likely have to wait til training camp -- if there is a training camp -- to get those answers.

Also noteworthy is that Grunhard indicated he has talked not only to players that practiced at Miege but at least one assistant coach (Bernie Parmalee) as well. I wonder if he passed along any practice notes...

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