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NFL Lockout Rolls On As Fourth Of July Weekend Nears

I think awhile ago I said I wouldn't be doing anymore updates on the NFL lockout until it's solved but since there's nothing else to talk about....

Owners and players met for over 15 hours on Thursday as the negotiations to end the NFL lockout went past midnight and into Friday morning. They'll be meeting again this morning with less than eight hours of sleep as they try to come to an agreement on a new labor deal.

There have been hiccups along the way in the NFL labor talks and it appears there have been a couple this week. Various reports indicate that the players feel the owners are switching things up and trying to take more money than what they had previously agreed to. The NFL of course will deny that's the case.

The truth? We have no idea. I'm still sticking to my plan of blaming both sides for the state of football right now.

So they'll be meeting again today and then the holiday weekend will hit so we're not sure where the talks will go after this.

But I will say this: if the owners and players are going to deprive of us a normal offseason, then the least they can do is work through the Fourth of July weekend.

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