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Arrowhead Stadium: Primed and Ready

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Hello Fellow Kansas City Chiefs Fans! It's been a while since I've given you guys a little gift so I thought I'd start things off with a bang.

This (Arrowhead pt. II) was something that I really felt like I wanted to do this offseason. I had the privilege of attending the playoff game against Baltimore. While I was on my feet the entire game losing my voice up in the 'bleeds, I was able to capture a number of great photos that I stitched together and used as my point of view for this painting. 

This offseason I think, more than any time in the last few decades, should be a time to celebrate the of the fans of this fine game (and ultimately the contribution that we've made to it). Without us, there is no modern day NFL. There is no nine billion dollar "sure thing" to bicker over. I won't go into all the reasons why we make it what it is. You guys already know. 

In lieu of the fact that we get no representation in this dispute (even though we're footin' the bill...) I have decided that we get the first dedication in paint-form this year. We rock. 

There will be plenty of new football related art to come in the near future, but I wanted to give a giant hat tip to you guys first.

I'll be contributing around here pretty regularly with some illustrations, and I've already got three more that are about 80% complete that should be available for you guys to enjoy soon. 

Before I conclude this, I'm looking for a little feedback from everyone. I'm going to be starting a little mini-series over the offseason and I want anyone who wants to be involved, involved. I get a LOT of very unique and creative ideas for future paintings from people who I can tell know a lot about what they're talking about, but never really have an open forum where other people can see the ideas and give their own feedback. So lets do that now!

I dont' have a clear idea of what I want the mini-series to involve. That's the first place that I want feedback. Ideally, all the images (depending on what I have time for... we'll say four to eight for the moment) would utilize the same theme or some sort of unifying concept. But what it is? Throw out your suggestions (and remember to give feedback to others' ideas!)

The second stage of your feedback will happen after I get all the conceptual stuff out of the way. Once I land on actual ideas, I'll start with sketches that you guys can vote on. I've received a lot of requests for "behind the scenes" kind of stuff so that's what I'll try to offer you guys a little bit of. 

You guys should feel free to throw out any kind of feedback. I want to offer you something unique, so let's get a conversation going so I can supplant all of the bad ideas in my brain with your superb ideas!


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