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Eric Mangini Loved It When Chiefs' Jamaal Charles Didn't Touch The Ball

Eric Mangini is a familiar face to several folks within the Kansas City Chiefs organization including GM Scott Pioli and head coach Todd Haley with both those guys having worked extensively with Mangini in the past (and living with him in Pioli's case).

Mangini is playing reporter on NFL Network this week and talked about the structure Pioli and Haley have provided and will continue to provide in Kansas City.

"I think they're set up for long-term success," Mangini said. "I know Todd Haley, I coached with him in New York. They're going to be disciplined and they're going to work hard. And with Scott Pioli in the front office -- I've known Scott for years, we worked together when I was first with the Cleveland Browns -- it's going to be a disciplined approach organizationally.

"They're going to do a great job with player acquisition and there's going to be structure and they're going to take advantage of opportunities. I think they have a chance to be good and they're going to compete year in and year out."

And a little later, Mangini provided this classic line on RB Jamaal Charles.

"I know playing Kansas City, every time they didn't give the ball to Jamaal Charles, we were happy about it because he has a chance to score on every single play. He's one of the most dynamic players, in my mind, in the NFL today."

Then it's a good thing Mangini isn't coaching next year as Charles is expected to receive more carries in 2011

(H/T Chiefs II TK)

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