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What Will Happen To Chiefs Training Camp In St. Joe?

We've had a number of readers send in questions about what will come of the Kansas City Chiefs training camp at Missouri Western in St. Joe. As you know, the NFL lockout is currently threatening training camp, preseason and the regular season.

I checked around and the Chiefs are planning everything as they normally would at this point and, if the lockout is solved soon and there is a training camp, it would likely start at the usual time in late July.

But a few of the key questions we need answered are:

On what date will the lockout affect training camp? Basically we need to know the date on which the lockout will officially affect training camp. I can't say that I know much about the Chiefs operation in St. Joe and how long they can wait before deciding to cancel or postpone camp. Logistically speaking, I'd assume putting this together in St. Joe would be easier than River Falls so that's a good thing I think.

Is holding training camp at Arrowhead an option? If the lockout is finalized in, say, mid-August, I'm not sure the Chiefs could get much work done at Missouri Western. According to the school's academic calendar, classes start on August 29 so that could be a key date. I don't see how they could conduct training camp while school is in session (but maybe I'm wrong).

What are the various contingency plans in place? Maybe the Chiefs have a plan for a one-week or two-week training camp if that's what it comes down to. Maybe they're planning on having a full camp in St. Joe or no camp at all. We don't know what they're planning for the various scenarios that can happen. I'd like to be clued in on that.

I hope we get some answers to these questions soon. That we're starting to receive emails about training camp shows that it's on people's minds.

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