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Chiefs Fans At Arrowhead Will Make You Put Your Earplugs In

We've had some Arrowhead Stadium news lately. First, it was ESPN's Mark Schlereth calling the home of the Kansas City Chiefs the toughest place to play in the NFL. Second, it was a panel of writers naming Arrowhead the fourth toughest venue in the NFL.

And now, for the final act, it's former San Diego Charger and current ESPN analyst Marcellus Wiley talking about the barbecue and the time Tamarick Vanover ran a kick back at Arrowhead. Here's what he said on ESPN's NFL Live this week:
"It's Arrowhead Stadium and it's hands down," Wiley said. "I remember when we first came there as a San Diego Charger playing in a division game and you just drive through the parking lot. First, you're distracted by the sea of red and then you start to smell the barbecue. It's like, 'C'mon coach pull this bus over to the side for me.'

"And then you get in there. I remember when they had Tamarick Vanover and we were up by six. He ran a kickoff back and let me tell you, this is the only time I played any sport on any level where I had to put in ear plugs. The noise was deafening. You talk about Arrowhead Stadium, that noise and that fandemonium out there. To me that's the best stadium by far."

I can probably top that. The October 9, 1995 Monday Night Football game against the Chargers when Vanover took one to the house -- in overtime! One of my best memories as a Chiefs fan. 

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