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Chiefs RB Thomas Jones Enjoying Some Of His Free Time

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This isn't a big surprise at all considering he'll be 33 years old when the season starts but Kansas City Chiefs RB Thomas Jones suggested in an interview with that the 2011 season may be his last year -- before quickly correcting himself and saying it might be his last year.

So 2011 will be his final season...unless it isn't.

Jones also talked about the NFL lockout in the interview (which you can view here) and noted that the lockout will affect everyone, especially the younger guys. But he also had a comment on the lockout that may not be received very well. 

"I'm actually enjoying some of my extra free time," Jones said. "I get to focus on my music and I actually get to sleep in my own bed right now. I don't have to sleep in hotels, or another bed in another city."

To put this into context, I didn't get the impression that he wants the lockout to continue. I think it's just that, the situation is what it is, and he's making the best of it. 

That said, other NFL players have been roasted for similar comments about enjoying the time off during the lockout. NFL attorney Paul Clement even noted in the Eighth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals last Friday that some of these comments indicate that the players aren't suffering irreparable harm from the lockout.

"It might be that there are slight differences among certain classes of players," Clement said last week, "but we also have reports that come virtually on a daily basis where players are saying, 'This the best thing that's ever happened. I'm enjoying my summer. I've had more time with my family that I've ever had before.' "    

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