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VIDEO: Matt Cassel Addresses USC Defense

Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel can still get fired up for his alma mater. Cassel, a USC alum, spoke to the Trojans defense last April and did his best Todd Haley impersonation to fire up the players at his former school.

The video above was shot in April (and shared by reader ChiefsnotChefs) so we're a couple months late getting around to it but it's pretty entertaining to see Cassel addressing the defense. Here's a snippet of what he had to say before USC's spring game:

"It's an honor to be in front of all you guys," Cassel said. "Obviously, it's a privilege to play here at USC and every one of you guys has earned it here. If you're on this (bleeping) team and you're wearing this jersey, you've earned it. So, I know I'm a quarterback and all that (bleep), but I bled, sweat, had all the tears and did all the same things you guys are doing here. Let me say this, every great team I've been on, they play defense.....You guys gotta be accountable to each other. So when you have 11 guys on the field, you have to trust the other 10 guys are doing their assignment, and you're doing your assignment. "

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