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VIDEO: Check Out Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles On Madden '12

At a time when there's a chance we may not see a 2011 NFL season, I've been focusing on the next best thing -- EA's Madden '12. Indeed, this year's version of Madden has garnered some early hype via ESPN's tournament-style bracket to determine the cover athlete and, with my interest in real football diminished, I've turned to fake football.

In other words, I'm getting pretty into the next Madden video game, which is set to be released in late August, so that's why I'm showing you this trailer of the new game. I gotta say -- it looks pretty sweet. We've come a long way since Joe Montana Sports Talk Football '94.

Here's the video and, if you're just looking for a shot of Jamaal Charles, fast forward to the 29-second mark:

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