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Approval Polls For Chiefs' Scott Pioli, Todd Haley Remain High

We've completed our latest set of approval ratings for June 2011 and they're about what I expected them to be. Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli and head coach Todd Haley fared very well and owner Clark Hunt set another record-low.

Pioli and Haley aren't really connected to the lockout -- that's the fans' perception at least -- so Chiefs fans approved the job they were doing at a high rate. Haley hit 95 percent and Pioli hit 96 percent so there aren't any problems on the field.

For Hunt, the lockout is clearly hurting his approval numbers. In November, December and January he was over 95 percent so, when the team is on the field, fans are approving of Hunt. But once we hit the offseason -- and the lockout talk started to gear up -- his numbers were hit hard.

He's gone from 88 percent to 78 percent to 66 percent and now, with some votes still trickling in for this month, Hunt stands at 43 percent for June 2011. That marks the lowest number we've ever seen while tracking monthly approval polls for these guys for over two years.

So the question is whether the fans' frustration will go away once the lockout is over or if this is a permanent scar for Hunt. I would predict that the perception of him takes a minor long-term hit but once the lockout is done many Chiefs fans will return to viewing Hunt in high-standing.

Tensions are high now but pump out another playoff spot and all will be will in KC.

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