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Jared Allen's Interesting 2004 Halloween Costume

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Former Kansas City Chiefs DE Jared Allen, now with the Minnesota Vikings, joined Mike Florio on Pro Football Talk live on Monday morning and, thanks to a request from a former teammate, recalled his Halloween outfit while with the Chiefs in 2004.

Former Chiefs LB Scott Fujita tweeted at PFT to ask Allen about his 2004 Halloween costume at Arrowhead. I didn't get to hear Allen's response on PFT Live but this Twitter exchange tells us all we need to know:

And now I'll spend the rest of the day trying to get the image of Jared Allen in a Speedo out of my head. Thanks.

Fujita calls that "one of the funniest workdays ever" and that he's never seen then-head coach Dick Vermeil laugh so hard.

I think the only Chief that resembles Jared Allen's personality is DE Shaun Smith. Hopefully he returns in 2011 -- but not for the Halloween outfits.

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