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Chiefs Coach Presents Dwayne Bowe On NFL Top 100 Players List

The listing of the top 100 players in the NFL continues on with a Kansas City Chiefs player. WR Dwayne Bowe was voted on by other NFL players as the 45th best player in the league after a career-year in 2010 leading the league in touchdown passes.

"What separates Dwayne Bowe is that he has a unique nose for the end zone, which everybody doesn't have," Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said when presenting Bowe on NFL Network. "What Dwayne did this year got a lot of people's attention. He topped the league and there wasn't anybody close."


The NFL Network video shows a few clips of Haley working with Bowe, including one where he rips into him in a 2009 game against the Dallas Cowboys for running a route wrong. 

"Listen, do you see this blitz here? When it's blitz here you can't take a damn half-hour to run a sluggo. It's a fly-by. Three steps, one step. Open your eyes. You gotta decide when you're going to start playing Dwayne."

But there were plenty of good moments in Haley's presentation as well, especially as he addressed Bowe's signature moment in the NFL.

"We had a game against the Indainapolis Colts and Dwayne had a chance to catch a sure touchdown which would have put us ahead -- and he dropped the ball," Haley said. "There was a heavy amount of criticism and that's a moment that can break receivers.

"But the next game he's on the road at Houston and Dwayne had one of the more impressive games I've seen. To me, that was a signature moment for Dwayne and his developemnt for his abiltiy to come off maybe his worst game and have one of his best."

Bowe finished that game with six receptions for 108 yards and two touchdowns. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, that did not result in a victory.

(H/T ChiefsFan85)

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