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Plaxico Burress Prison Release Coming Today

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The biggest football news of the day has to do with a former Super Bowl hero getting released from prison after accidentally shooting himself in the leg three years ago. WR Plaxico Burress, who entered prison in September of 2009, will leave an upstate New York prison at some point on Monday.

He'll be 34 years old in August and hasn't played in the NFL since the 2008 season so his conditioning will be a major part of his future. If he's in decent shape -- he told Bill Cowher in a CBS interview last year that he would play again --  some team out there will definitely take a flyer on him. He was very productive with the Giants and someone out there will look to replicate that.

Will it be with the Chiefs? Before the draft, I might think about that a little more but with the acquisition of WR Jonathan Baldwin there doesn't seem to be any reason to bring him on. People are saying the Eagles or Rams could make sense for him. 

So look out for stories today around the league talking about Plax's release. With the NFL lockout, he can't sign with anyone right away but he will continue to get in shape and hope that, whenever the work stoppage is over, someone is waiting with a contract.

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