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Looking Deeper Into NFL Network's Top 100 Players Vote

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As many of you know, NFL Network is running down the list of top 100 players in the NFL, as voted on by the players, and we're learning a little bit more about how the entire process worked. An NFL Network spokesman explained the voting process to Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports:

"A total of 413 players voted, and each player was asked to list their top 20 current players. Point values (20 for No. 1, 19 for No. 2, etc) were assigned. Total points for each of the players named were added and the cumulative point totals ranked in order to determine the list. NFL Films reached out to players through a variety ways to try to get as many players to participate as possible, and the gathering of votes took place roughly over a five month period, from December to April."

Ignoring this obviously flawed system of voting, this does tell us a little bit more about how the other players in the league view the Chiefs.

There were five total players from KC voted in: S Eric Berry (93rd), G Brian Waters (67th), LB Tamba Hali (64th), WR Dwayne Bowe (45th) and RB Jamaal Charles (33rd). None of the players voting said any of those guys were the 93rd, 67th, 64th, 45th or 33rd best players.

According to how the vote went down, these Chiefs players that were on ballots were voted as one of the TOP 20 players in the league.

So there are some players out there that think the Chiefs have a few of the best players in the league.

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