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Will The Kansas City Chiefs Be Big Players In Free Agency?

With all this talk about the lockout possibly ending soon -- cross your fingers! -- our attention is slowly moving toward free agency. If and when the deal is done, it's expected there will be some sort of free agency period. Whether the action comes a month, week or days before training camp, we don't know.

But, if the two sides do get a deal done in a reasonable time period, the Chiefs will face the open market. Do we expect GM Scott Pioli to be a big player in free agency? Will any big names out on the open market come to Kansas City?

Personally, I don't see the Chiefs making much of a splash in free agency for two reasons.

First, Pioli isn't a big fan of going crazy early in free agency. That's where you're almost guaranteed to be over-paying for someone and that's definitely not his style.

Second, I'm not sure the Chiefs need any big-time signings. Who would it be? What position? Think about the Chiefs roster right now. For the most part, any position you can call a hole has a young player waiting in the wings. Nose tackle? Jerrell Powe. Outside linebacker? Justin Houston. Receiver? Jonathan Baldwin.

That's not to say Pioli doesn't have his name on a big-time player. Maybe he does. But if past history is any indication, the Chiefs will focus on the B-level free agents and avoid the guys that will garner 90 percent of the attention.

Think more about someone like Matt Light, or someone similar to his caliber, rather than someone like Aubrayo Franklin. It's not as exciting for the fans when your team isn't involved early in free agency but with the Chiefs current situation I think they'll be OK delving into the second wave of free agency rather than the initial one.

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