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Lots Of Decorating Tips For Your Next Chiefs Room

Earlier this morning I posted something about how to decorate a Kansas City Chiefs room in your house. I was thinking of having an old-school poster up in my new home office or perhaps a nice framed picture.

It's clear some of you know how to decorate -- Chiefs-style -- much better than I do.

Everyone had some great suggestions but I have to say that AP user Chiefs303 has an excellent Chiefs room. Chiefs303 sent me several photos of his basement which is completely decked out in Chiefs stuff.


Is that an in-house gambling set-up as well? I have been known to play cards a time or two. The yellow around the top of the room is a nice touch.

A couple more pictures of Chiefs303's room after the jump and, as if this an edition of House Hunters, I also have a number of photos of a Chiefs room that AP user njchiefs sent me a while back.


Note the detail -- the rug area is a field. This is well done.


I'm sure Ms. Primetime would go for something to this extent but Chiefs303 has the right idea on decorating a Chiefs room the right way. Now if I only could only find a good Chiefs decoration for the toilet...

Moving on, AP user njchiefs sent me some shots of a nice Chiefs basement. Looks like lots of old school memorabilia in these.


The yellow walls are a great touch.


Which quarterback is that there on the left? Joe? Elvis? Trent? ...Damon?


The best part of this room may be that scoreboard. How cool is that?

I've got a ton of new ideas for my new home office. First order of business: lots of yellow and red paint.

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