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Kansas City Chiefs June 2011 Approval Poll: Todd Haley

It's that time of month again...but in a good way.

Our monthly approval polls roll on once again for June 2011. Believe it or not, we now have 25 months of data on Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley. The reason we love these approval polls so much is because I'm not sure anyone has (public) data like this that stretches over such a long period of time.

One of these days, Chris will put this into a neat line-graph so we can digest the numbers more clearly. (Chris, that's a hint. Please make a line-graph with these numbers.)

The Chiefs head coach is coming off of a big month in which he scored a 94 percent approval rating in May 2011. Just 21 of our 1,486 voters did not approve of the job he was doing as the head coach of our beloved red and gold.

So, once again, we put it up to a vote. Do you approve of the job Todd Haley is doing as Chiefs head coach?

It's Game Time.

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