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Six Chiefs At NFLPA Rookie Symposium

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The NFLPA is conducting their own rookie symposium this week which is a few days dedicated to helping the most recent crop of rookies understand what life is like as an NFL player. 

There are 155 rookies at the symposium and we noted yesterday that, according to their Twitter accounts, Kansas City Chiefs WR Jonathan Baldwin and CB Jalil Brown were among those in attendance.

Baldwin has since tweeted that there are actually a number of Chiefs rookies in attendance.

Been enjoying this time with 5 of our draft picks too they are all cool dudes by the way if you guys were interested. Beastly looking dudes!

Checking around Twitter, it appears Baldwin, Brown, DE Gabe Miller and FB Shane Bannon are some of the guys there. We're not sure on the full list of Chiefs but it sounds like six of the nine draft picks are there.