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Chiefs Players At NFLPA Rookie Symposium

The league announced a few weeks ago that they would not be putting on the annual NFL rookie symposium, which is basically a multi-day seminar designed to help rookies understand the adjustment of being an NFL athlete. They help answer financial questions, decisions on agents and other things unique to some of the players that instantly become young and famous millionaires. 

Shortly after the NFL announced the event would be canceled, the NFLPA announced that they would be conducting their own rookie symposium, which is being held in Florida this week.

According to Jim Trotter of, the current tally of players in attendance is 155 with 152 of those as drafted players.

We don't know a complete list of Kansas City Chiefs rookies there but we might be able to name at least two. WR Jonathan Baldwin and CB Jalil Brown both sent messages on their Twitter account last weekend that they were on their way to Florida, which happens to be where the symposium is being held. (Baldwin has since sent other messages that basically confirm he's there.)

Though the event isn't mandatory, it would only help if all the Chiefs draft picks were there. 

It's Game Time.

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