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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 6/28

Good morning Chiefs fans. I'm filling in for NJ Chiefs Fan so as he would say, enjoy your Kansas City Chiefs news today.

But the contracts signed by the early draft choices do more than make the youngsters rich. It drives spending on veteran players. While it obviously does not make sense for a team to pay strictly on potential - which is what the NFL does with first-round draft choices - it does create a tide that tends to lift all boats across the board.

As the owners and players get together this week in Minneapolis for more negotiations, the wage scale for rookie draft choices continues to be a major element to be discussed and either implemented or forgotten.

Comparing rookie draft pick $ | Bob Gretz

Edwards, a Monterey High School graduate and former Philadelphia Eagles defensive back, ran the camp for the past 15 years. While he was coaching the New York Jets and then the Kansas City Chiefs, Edwards brought in NFL stars such as Chad Pennington to help coach. He also attracted national media coverage and overflowing crowds of participants.

But this year, his time commitments as an NFL analyst on ESPN forced him to step back.

Football camp has different name but same devotion | Monterey Herald

This is the seventh in our series of position-by-position rankings. It is a little different this season because we're ranking the players before free agency starts and before rosters are set. We will adjust accordingly as we go along. On to a solid group of linebackers: 

Ranking the AFC West linebackers | ESPN

The Vermeil era was fun, and will always remain notable for its incredible offense and abysmal defense.  The Herm years will live in infamy for at least as long as I'm alive.  Pioli is forging this team's new destiny, and if nothing else I would imagine he'll be around and in charge for quite some time.  His teams will be remembered.

The Gunther Cunningham years, for whatever reason, have been forgotten.  Or rather, are being forgotten.  I rarely see anyone reference the '99 or '00 seasons.  They reside in the same no-man's land as most of the '80s seasons.  Insignificant, seldom discussed.

Remembrance of things past: Gunther's Chiefs | Arrowhead Addict

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