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Terrell Owens' Injury Will Cost Him Most Of 2011 Season

How about waking up on Monday morning and reading a story that free agent WR Terrell Owens tore his ACL, already had surgery sometime in the last month, and likely won't be available to play until late November in a best-case scenario.

That's the word from ESPN's Chris Mortensen. That's certainly not the story I expected to hear in the middle of June but T.O. apparently tore his ACL while, according to Mort, filming for a VH1 show. At best, it's a six-month recovery time which means he wouldn't be back until late November.

So...this might be it for T.O. If he can't return until late November then he's probably not playing at all this year. And if he's not playing at all this year, he's probably never playing again. Players that turn 38 years old and sit out a year with a torn ACL usually don't return. 

Then again, this is T.O. The same guy who broke his leg in mid-December and came back to play in the Super Bowl, so don't count him out just yet.

The Chiefs were never going to sign him but he's one of the more high-profile players in the league so I was at least curious where he would sign. You can definitely mark KC off the list now.

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