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Arrowhead Pride Weekly

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Another Friday and another weekly update.  I had a great day at the park with my daughter.  She just can't get enough of the slide.  I can't get enough of great weather.  It was a pretty productive news week for the Chiefs.  I have some great stories.

As always there were some top notch fanposts and fanshots.  If you were busy this week and didn't get your fix of Arrowhead Pride then feel free to jump with me.

Five Biggest Stories This Week

1. Proposed Free Agency Rules Will Affect The Kansas City Chiefs

I'm just glad that Tamba Hali will be a Chief this coming year.  Hopefully, he will retire a Chief because the guy is just awesome.  I want to hurry up and get into the season.  This lockout is starting to become like a bad dream at least to me.

2. Kansas City Chiefs Make Their Way To Joplin

It seems like the past 3 to 4 weeks there has been something positive coming from our organization in regard to Joplin.  I want to see more of this effort because it not only helps out the unfortunate but it makes our Chiefs look great.  Although, we already know that our Chiefs are great.

3. Chiefs Tell St. Joe To Prepare For Training Camp

This is a positive story that I'm sure we are all ready for.  Last year, I drove 2 hours to be at Training Camp.  It was probably 100 degrees and the wind was non-existent.  I got one of the worst sunburns that I've ever had.  I hope they have shading this year for the stands or I'm catching a night practice.

4. Details On Proposed CBA Between Owners, Players

I think that both sides can propose all they want but in the end it is about results.  We want this lockout to end to get back to what we love.  I can write about this topic for days but in the end it is exactly that--lockout ending.

5. Chiefs’ Eric Berry On When He Started To Get Comfortable

Berry did look lost out there at times especially early on.  I think most of it had to do with game speed.  It was night and day between the season opener and the playoff game.  He was in beast mode against the Ravens.  This year this is talk about him being a top five safety in the NFL.  That just goes to show you that even with rough patches he more than made up for it.

In Case You Missed It...

1. Kansas City Chiefs 2011 "Choose Your Own Adventure" – First Quarter

This is a nice game like post by our very own BJ Kissel.  It is pretty cool and so far I am sitting at a nice 3-1 with a loss to the Chargers.  If you haven't given it a try you should because I can see it becoming addicting.  We might have to dig into past years!

2. Looking At Chris Chambers’ Future With The Kansas City Chiefs

I am pretty sure that Chris Chambers will not make the team this coming season.  If he does then we will see him in the slot, special teams, and shotgun packages.  He will not be the starter by any means.  He might have a little juice left but he disappeared last season.

Fanpost Of The Week

NFL Week 6, Chiefs vs. Raiders: The Black Hole by Steve_Chiefs

There are a lot of comments in this fanpost and some great debate.  Steve_Chiefs has been running down our games this season for us and doing a great job!  If you haven't given your two cents yet then you should.

Fanshot Of The Week

Chiefs Wedding Bus by ejr58

There is something special about a Chiefs bus transporting a wedding party.  I love posts like these!

Quote Of The Week

"Amazingly Todd Bouman was not the worst QB we faced last season." -PVChiefsfan

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